Dear friend 

The Church is sponsoring an Alpha  film series, starting this fall season for a time of good conversation and talks that make you think about the meaning of life. It is a grand creative movement for the church in an honest conversation for uncertain times choosing Alpha over Netflix !! 

Alpha explores questions about LIFE, FAITH, and GOD in a friendly, open, and informal environment that includes free FOOD, TALK-around film series, and DISCUSSION.

Alpha is a series of FREE interactive sessions spread over 11 weekly meetings starting Tuesday, September 13, 2022, from 7:00- 8:00 pm until the end of November exploring the basics of the Christian faith. The meeting format will be as follows: free snacks, watching a short 20 min film, and discussion, all in both languages.  A one-day getting away will be held in the middle of the series. Babysitting is offered at no cost.

Alpha is for everyone, welcoming people from all backgrounds, religions, and viewpoints where it creates a space that encourages conversation in a relaxed and open environment.

Alpha is a free easy flexible tool to help the transformation of individuals and spread the good news about Jesus.

Visit alphacanada.org to discover the beauty of the course.

For more information, you may contact Deacon Estaphanos (Talaat ), 514-865-3473, or Dr. Soheir Atalla

Take a look at the new ALPHA video !

Register here : https://forms.gle/tPLC6nYdVL2e6WFaA