Evangelism & Mission Remote Course (2)

Complete Evangelism & Mission courses: folder

00- Activity: download

00- Documents: download

00- Homework: download

01- WS- Shall Good People Perish: download

02- WS- Treasure Hunt: download

03-WS-What is my mission: download

04-WS-The Fragrance of Christ: download

05-WS-Incarnation: download

06-WS-Case for Christ: download

07-WS-Salvation: download

08-WS-Holy Trinity: download

09-WS-Eternal Life: download

10-WS-Values: download

11- WS-Goal Setting: download

12-WS-Strategic Plan: download

13-WS-Development: download

14-WS-Win the person not the argument: download

15-WS-Logical Fallacies: download

16- WS-Sister Churches: download

17- WS-Six Hats- Coptic Church: download

18- WS-Catholic: download

19- WS-Protestant: download

20- WS-Heresies: download

21- WS-Evangelizing Children: download

22- WS-Homosexuality: download

23- WS-Conflict Resolution: download

24- WS-How to Study the Bible: download

25- WS-Dogma & The Apostolic Fathers: download

26- WS-Comparative Theology download

27- WS-Orthodox Worship: download

28- WS-Evangelizing Sacraments: download

29- WS-Discipleship: download

30- WS-Culture Shock: download

31- WS-Discipleship: download

32- WS-Smart Missions: download

33- WS-Service Milestones: download